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How to rate a seller in Fiverr and how Fiverr rating system works

How to rate a seller in Fiverr:

In this post, I will discuss how to rate a seller in Fiverr. Fiverr rating system is important for any gig or for a seller because the ratings are publicly visible under a gig and any other seller will see this.

You can also provide private feedback to Fiverr optionally. These will not be visible by the seller and you can skip these if you want. Private feedbacks are for the Fiverr team. I will show you at the end of this post how to do that.

You can rate a seller only after the order is completed. Note that, sellers can also provide feedback to buyers.

Before we move to details, let me quickly explain how the rating system works in Fiverr.

Feedback in Fiverr, How it works?

Feedback or ratings are useful and essential parts of Fiverr gigs. Both buyers and sellers can rate the experiences to each other. This is a five-star rating system. You will find it similar to any other rating system like PlayStore or AppStore rating. If you have used any freelancing sites like upwork, you will find it quite similar.

Once the order is delivered, the rating system is activated for buyers. For sellers, it is activated after the order is marked as completed. Once the buyer adds feedback, the seller can add reverse feedback to the buyer.

Buyers can add a comment with each rating, which is also called reviews. The reviews are listed under the seller’s page and anyone who visits this page will see these reviews.

Note that feedback can be added up to 10 days after the order is marked completed. After that, this option will be removed for both buyer and seller. If you don’t provide any feedback within 10 days after the order was completed, you can’t add it later. So, make sure to add it as soon as possible once it is completed.

Once you add feedback to the order, it is marked as completed. But, you can also skip this step.

Let me explain to you in detail how the system works for both sellers and buyers:

How Buyers can provide feedback to sellers:

If you are a buyer, you can provide feedback to an order after you accept and review that order. Also, you must provide the feedback within 10 days after it is completed. Adding feedback is optional, and you can also skip it if you want.

Once you provide feedback to the seller, they can provide a reverse-feedback. But, buyer’s feedback is visible to the seller only after they provide their feedback. This guarantees that one feedback is not influenced by another.

If a buyer adds feedback, it marks the order completed. One email is sent to your email address once an order is delivered. This mail includes a direct link to the order page. You can also click on that link and add feedback for that order.

If you want to add feedback from your laptop/desktop, you need to login to your Fiverr account and switch to buyer. Fiverr account can be switched between buyer and seller from the dashboard.

Once you login to your account, if you see Switch to Buying on top right corner of the top bar, it indicates that you are logged in as a seller. You need to click on it to switch to your buyer account. If you see Switch to selling, you are logged in as a buyer.

Fiverr switch account

  • Click on the Orders tab on the top menu bar. Note that this button is shown for both buyer and seller dashboards. But, you will land on a different page if you are logged in as a seller. Make sure to switch to buyer dashboard before you click on it.
  • Select the order from the order list and scroll to the bottom to add feedback.

Topics to rate an order:

You have to rate an order based on the below points:

  1. Communication:

Communication with the seller.

  1. Service as described:

The service you got matched as it was described in the description or not.

  1. Buy Again or Recommended:

Would you recommend someone to buy this gig?

  1. Working experience:

This is a text box and you can write in your own words why you bought the gig and if the seller helped you reach your goal or not.

Private feedback:

Other than these points, you can also provide private feedback. Private feedback is not shared with anyone. This is just for the Fiverr internal team to improve the experience.

Can I edit or delete feedback in Fiverr?

No, you can’t edit or delete feedback once you add it.

Can customer support remove any feedback:

If any feedback violates Fiverr Terms of Services(TOS), you can request the customer support team to remove it. They will verify and remove it if it is actually violating the TOS. If feedback contains false statement towards the seller or any abusive words, it will be removed by the support team. You can’t request for any feedback to remote.

Can’t add feedback to your order:

If the order is active, feedback option won’t be visible. If it is marked as delivered and it was marked as completed 10 days or less than that, the feedback option should be visible. Once the option is removed, it can’t be activated. So, make sure to add the feedback within the time frame.

Can I add feedback to active orders:

You can’t add feedback to active orders. As mentioned above, the order should be delivered to add feedback.

Can I add feedback to canceled orders:

You can’t add feedback to canceled orders. If order is canceled, it is not delivered and hence feedback option won’t be visible there.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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