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How to do Keyword research to write a Fiverr gig title that converts

How to do Keyword research to write a Fiverr gig title that converts:

The Gig title plays an important role on your ranking in Fiverr search results. If someone is searching for a gig in Fiverr, the algorithm decides whom to show on the first page. The first line the buyer will see is the gig title. Nobody will click on a gig if the title is not professional.

In this blog post, I will show you how to create catchy gig titles for Fiverr.

What is Gig title in Fiverr:

Let’s start from the basics. What is Gig title in Fiverr and why is this so important? Gig title is the title of your Gig or this is the line that says what you are offering.

But why is this so important? Can’t we create any title? We should focus on the gig service, right? Actually, yes, we should focus on the service that we are providing. But, we need the buyers to see our gigs while searching.

If someone searches for something in Fiverr, the algorithm decides the sorting order. If your Gig appears on the first page of the search, the chance of getting clicked on that Gig will increase. Most people pick gigs from the first page or search. The competition is high in every niche of Fiverr and it is important to get to the front page if you want to get organic sales.

Also, this is the first line that someone will see for a gig. Based on the Gig title and Gig image, the buyer will decide whether to click it or not.

So, If you are creating a new Fiverr Gig, you should always do a quick research on the Gig title before you make the Gig public.

Before I show you how to research and find the perfect Gig, let’s quickly check what is the length criteria Fiverr needs for a Gig title.

What is the length of the Gig title Fiverr allows:

If you are just starting on Fiverr, you need to go to Gigs tab on the tab bar and you need to click on the Create a new Gig button.

It will create a new page to create a gig. The first text box is to enter the title of the Gig.

Fiverr gig title

As you can see here, you can add up to 80 characters to a Gig title. Also, you need at least 15 characters for a valid Gig title.

If you start writing the Gig title, you will see that you can’t change the first two words i.e. I will. All Gigs should start with I will.

But the character count of these two words are not counted with the upper and lower limits. For example,

Fiverr gig writing

I am starting the write the Gig title, but you can see that it is not counting the characters of I will with the upper limit and lower limit calculation.

Steps to create a Gig title that can convert:

Now, let me show you a couple of steps you can follow to create a good Gig title. I am showing three different steps in this post,you can follow these steps to create the Fiverr Gig title.

Step 1: Research your niche:

This is the first step and it is the most important step. You need to research your niche or topic you will compete on. For example, if you are going to provide services on Article writing, you can first search on Fiverr what type of gigs are ranking higher and what title, description etc. are used for the gigs.

You can go to Fiverr and search for other gigs using different keywords or search queries. You need to switch to selling mode in Fiverr to do the searching. You can go to the homepage and start the search with different queries. Fiverr will also show different suggestions on different other queries.

Let me show you an example:

Fiverr search gig

Here, I am searching for blog writing and Fiverr is suggesting me other keywords like seo blog writing, blog content writer, biography writer, seo blog content writer, blog post writer, writing blog articles, blog writers etc.

You can check the search results for each of these keywords to analyse what type of posts are ranking on top. Note down everything you find like the gig image designs, the title and description, what is the level of the gig, for how many years the gig is running, etc.

If you find any new gig ranking high for multiple keywords, focus more on it. If you spend some time on this research, you will have a good understanding on what type of gigs ranks.

I would also suggest you to go to the second, third pages and check for the gigs and try to find out why these gigs are not on first page.

Step 2: Check for the URL:

One unique URL is created for every gig on Fiverr. It looks something like{username}/gig-url. The gig-url is also an important ranking factor. The title of your gig is used to create the gig url. You can’t define it directly.

Also, if you create a gig url, you can’t change it in future. You can change the title of a gig, but fig url will not change even if you change the title. So, choose the title carefully.

Step 3: Create the title:

So, you are now ready with a sheet with different title examples. For example, if you want to create a gig of article writing, you can either write:

  • I will write a blog post

Or you can be more specific like:

  • I will write a blog post that is SEO optimized

Or, if you are writing on a specific category, add it in the title. For example, if the gig is for technical articles, it can be added to the title:

  • I will write a technology article for your blog that is SEO optimized

I added technology, article and blog, three keywords in this title.

That’s all for now. I hope that you learned how to create a good gig title in Fiverr. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below. Also, if you think that I missed any point, please don’t hesitate to inform.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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