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Different types of gigs you can start as a video editor on Fiverr

Types of jobs you can start as a video editor on Fiverr:

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace and you can list your services in different categories. If you are starting on Fiverr as a freelancer and if you are a video editor, there are different categories you can list your gig. In this post, I am listing down a couple of different categories where you can put your gigs as a video editor.

1. Video Editing:

This is a general video editing category. Under this category, you can list down different video editing gigs. Following are the subcategories listed under this category:

Video editing Fiverr

  1. Ads and social media videos
  2. Corporate videos
  3. Gaming videos
  4. Family and travel videos
  5. Music videos
  6. Explainer videos
  7. Wedding and event videos
  8. Showreels
  9. Fiction films
  10. Movie trailers
  11. eLearning
  12. VR and 360 videos

These are the types listed under this category. Pretty much every type of video will fall under these categories. You can list down different types of video editings e.g. if you are creating videos for YouTube, you can list it under category 1, i.e. social media videos.

2. Visual effects:

Under this category, you can provide services to add different visual effects to videos. Following are the subcategories available:

Visual effects Fiverr

  • Compositing
  • Rotoscoping and Keying
  • Color Grading
  • Cleanups
  • Match moving
  • Beauty Retouching

3. Subtitles and captions:

Under this category, you can add subtitles and captions to videos. You can add a single language subtitle or multiple languages subtitles.

Subtitles and captions

4. Lyric and Music videos:

This category is for gigs related to lyric videos and other music videos. Following are the sub-categories for this category:

Lyric and music videos

  • Lyric video
  • Music visualization
  • Dance video
  • Conceptual videos
  • Anime music videos
  • Narrative-Based videos
  • Performance videos
  • Spotify canvas videos

5. Corporate videos:

You can create videos like promo videos for businesses, marketing videos, videos to advertise on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. This category focuses on videos for companies or businesses.

6. Intro and Outros:

Intro and outro videos are always in high demand. If someone is starting a YouTube channel, he/she will always search for intro videos and Fiverr is the common place to start looking for freelancers. You can take the raw video from the client and create the intro/outro video, or you can create animations of the logos to make an intro or you can use animated intro etc.

7. Short video ads:

Short video ads

You can create video ads for social media like Facebook, Instragram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter etc. The conversion of an advertising depends on the video and if you make good quality videos, there is a high chance that some customers will return back to you for new works.

8. E-Commerce product videos:

Create videos for e-commerce product listing. For example, you can make videos for facebook dropshipping video ads, beauty product video ads, videos for health products, video with presentation or demo, kids product demonstrating by you etc.

9. Spokespersons videos:

Create professional Spokespersons videos. You can use a green screen or a custom background like nature or selfie like videos or in a office etc. Also, you can create the videos in different languages.

10. Crowdfunding videos:

In this category, you can make videos for crowdfunding, fundraising, charity, nonprofit, donation, kickstarter projects, gofundme videos etc. You can either create the full video and edit it or you can get the video from the client and edit it.

11. Unboxing videos:

You can create unboxing videos for different products. Create a video by unboxing a product and edit it.

12. eLearning Video Production:

Create video courses for eLearning platforms. You can edit online course videos or convert a presentation to a video or create and edit animated explainer videos etc.

13. Edit video templates:

Edit short videos, after effect templates, premiere pro templates, etc. falls under this category. If you work on any of these popular video editing tools, you can create gigs under this category.

14. Screencasting videos:

Screencasting videos are used for software tools like applications, websites or other softwares. Create professional screencasting videos to promote different software products, create how to videos, instructional tutorial videos etc. under this category.

15. Meditation videos:

Meditation videos are popular and one of the most-watched category in YouTube. You can create relaxing music videos for YouTube, guided meditation videos with voice over, baby sleep videos, relaxing nature videos etc.

16. Slideshow videos:

Convert photos and presentations into professional slideshow videos. Following are the subcategories or slideshow types available:

Slideshow videos

  • Wedding and Events
  • Family and Travel
  • Corporate presentation
  • Sports and games
  • eLearning
  • Others

You can basically create slideshow videos for anything. Any presentation or photos can be converted to a slideshow video. If you are good at editing videos and photos, you can list your gig on this category. Also, you can be more creative and you can add voiceover, animated graphics etc.

17. Game trailers and book trailers:

Mobile or desktop game trailer videos. You can create video game trailers for advertising, YouTube, PlayStore/AppStore etc. under this category. Similarly, you can also create trailers for books and ebooks.

18. Real Estate promos:

Real estate listings and agency commercial are high paying lucrative niche. Under this category, you can create videos related to real estates like promo videos for realtors, video editings for advertisings, whiteboard video, etc.

19. Article to video:

Many bloggers and writers wants to convert their writing to video. If you can edit videos and if you can give a voiceover, you should list atleast one gig under this category. You can convert a blog post, slides, writings, or any other scripts to a video with voiceover and lyrics.

Other categories:

You can list any type of video editing service on Fiverr. These are couple of popular categories I have listed on this post. But, if you want anything other than these, you can always put that gig.

If you are a video editor, there are a lot of niche to choose in Fiverr. If you find this post useful or if you want to add anything here, please drop a comment below.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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