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New way to connect with Facebook support via chat

Facebook support chat is moved to a new way:

I was trying to connect with Facebook chat support. If you have any issue with your business account like if your account is disabled or if your advertising account is disabled, chat support is the fastest way to get help.

Facebook provides different forms to fill if you have issue with your advertising account or any other issues. They had the chat option on their help page but recently it was removed.

I tried contacting them by filling different forms but the response was slow. It took around 24 hours to get a response. You can reply on that but you need to wait for another 12-24 hours to get another reply.

Sometime, it can fix your issue, but talking on chat has many more advantages. You can quickly get a response or if you are lucky, your issue will be fixed.

I didn’t find the chat option anywhere but recently I found it inside Facebook Business. In this post, I will show you where to get that and how to chat with the Facebook customer support team.

A little bit about my problem:

My problem was with my Advertising account. This account is linked to my Instagram and also to my Facebook business. I am using this account for more than a year to advertise on Instagram. Recently, one of my advertising got rejected and they disabled my account without giving any proper reason.

I got a link on Instagram for an appeal page. Filled that and waited for them to reply. Within 24 hours, I got a reply that the account is reactivated.

But, if I go to the account quality section, it shows me a message about Advertising Restrictions:

Advertising Restrictions

You can still use this business and its existing assets to advertise, but there are now restrictions on how much you can spend and the advertising features you can use. This is because the business repeatedly had ads rejected for not complying with our Advertising Policies.

Basically, I can use the ad account to advertise, but there is a limit on how much I can spend daily.

I was looking for a way to fix this problem, at least to talk to someone from Facebook, so that I get to know what is the cause and what I need to do to fix it.

But, all my efforts went in vein, I didn’t got any satisfactory answer from the support forms.

Until recently, I got to know that they reactivated the Facebook support chat button and I used it to talk to a support representative.

Where to find the support button:

The support chat button is moved to the Facebook business home page.

  1. Go to the home page of Facebook business. This is the link.
  2. Click on the Help button on the bottom-left corner of the page:

Facebook business bottom left corner help button

  1. It will open a new bar on the right side of this page. Here, you will find the Contact support team button.

Facebook contact support team

It also shows different recommended articles. You can check these articles if any article is related to your problem. Also, you can check for other additional resources, tools and resources to improve your advertising.

  1. It will open a new page to select the issue you are facing. You need to:
  • select the Facebook page or Ad account where your issue is.
  • It will give you a dropdown box with different types of issues. You need to select the issue from this page.

Facebook dropdown issues

  1. Once you select the issue type, it will show you another form to get help using chat or email.

Facebook chat email

  • Enter your email in the Email text box.
  • Enter your phone number in the Phone number text box.
  • Enter the message to start the messaging in the message box.
  • You can also add screenshots or videos as attachments, but it is not required. You can add these later after the chat is started.

Once you are done filling the form, click on the Start Chat button to start the chat.

  1. It will open your facebook messenger and it will start a chat with Facebook Business Support.

How to start chat with Facebook support:

It will start automated messages at first. For example, if I am starting a chat to check for disabled ad account, it might show a message that no disabled accounts are found and if you want to change the ad id to a different one. If you click on not now or no, it will show another message that do you want to start a chat with an agent.

Let me show you how it was showing for me:

Facebook chat support

  • It was showing that no disabled account was found for me, and it was asking me to switch the account. I clicked on Not now
  • One new box is shown, and it asked me either I wanted to chat with an agent or end the chat.
  • I clicked on Chat with agent.
  • One new message was shown that the chat was transferred to an agent who can help.

You will also see one message at the bottom of the chat window that A Facebook representative will join you shortly.

You need to wait for sometime before someone reply to you. It will show one small message that {user} has joined you and you will be able to reply on the chat.

How to talk to support representative:

Please keep in mind that support representative is not responsible for your issue. Explain them politely what your issue is and how to solve this issue. They might not be able to fix it immediately, but they will give you a way to fix this. They might forward the message to other teams to have a look into it.

I hope that you find this guide helpful and you problem will be fixed soon. If you find any other way to solve it, please drop one comment below for other readers.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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