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5 websites to buy and sell online business, blogs etc.

5 places to buy and sell online business:

You can build a stream of passive income with an online business. It can be a blog or a software product or an eCommerce website, you can earn living from the internet in so many different ways.

Starting a product from scratch take time. For example, if you want to start a blog, it will take few months before it starts to get organic traffic.

Content management systems like wordpress makes it easier to create a blog or website, but you have to put some contents to gain traffic. Even if you have a budget to invest on content, it will take time.

It is more difficult for a software product. The development takes time. It takes more time to get users, bug-fixing etc.

But, there are websites where you can buy starter projects. You can buy a blog of couple of months old or an App with downloads, review and a good amount of daily active users. Not only starter projects, you will also find established websites or projects on these sites.

These are user-driven websites, i.e. you can buy and sell your products. They works as middle party. They helps you to buy or sell a product and provides a secure way to do the money transaction.

In this post, I am listing down 5 best places to buy and sell online businesses.

1. Flippa:

Flippa Flippa is one of the best place to buy and sell online websites. You will find different types of websites like blogs, forums, review websites, eCommerce websites (Shopify, Amazon FBA, Digital products), SaaS, iOS Apps, Android Apps, different domains etc.

For buyers, they provides detail insights of the businesses like monthly traffic, Google Analytics report, downloads, reviews, social media accounts etc.

Flippa provides a verification and assessment service called Flippa Due Diligence where you can get a detailed business info like sales and marketing analysis, industry and competition analysis, recommendation, operations and legal analysis, traffic sources, financial analysis etc. It has three different packages. You can visit the above page to get more details.

If you are a first time buyer, you can go with their Flippa finder service that will provide you a personal consultation, guidance and tips.

They provides an easy way to list your products if you want to sell. You can easily list your product, link your Google Analytics to give a live view to buyers etc. Besides, you can go with website broker service to list your business using a broker. A broker will help maximize you list price.

Go to this page to get the latest pricing structure.

2. Empire Flippers:

Empire flippers Empire Flippers was established in 2013. If you are a buyer, you can search their marketplace for free. They have a wide variety of businesses. You will get an overview of each business in the listing. Once you find something, you can unlock that listing. You must provide a deposit to gain access to the details. It is refundable. If you want to buy that business, you can have a call with the seller and ask any other questions if you have.

You can negotiate the offer. If the seller is agreed on that offer, other interested buyers will get 24 hours to make another counter offer.

You need to transfer the amount to Empire Flippers account. They handles the migration of the project. It could be a lengthy process. They also ensures that the income is received by the buyer.

For sellers, there is a listing fee you need to pay to list your business. They review your submission before it is published. They also help you to negotiate and structure deals. Once the process is done, they handles the migration and transfers the money to your bank account.

3. Shopify Exchange or exchange marketplace:

Shopify exchange This website is for eCommerce websites those uses Shopify. Unlike the above websites, you will find thousands of businesses listed on this website. You can browse through their listings for free. You can even check the details for free.

If it is not a private listing, you can check the details without creating an account. Following are the details listed on the detail page:

Business story:

The story of this business like why it was started, the reason of selling the business, what’s involved in running this business etc.

Traffic and performance:

Detail traffic and revenue reports like average revenue per month, average sessions per month, average profits per month, profit mergins, average sales per month etc. It also shows a revenue graph and traffic graph. These data comes directly from shopify.


What the monthly/yearly expenses to run this business e.g. domain, shopify plan, advertising etc.

Sales includes:

What you will get.

Seller’s advice:

Advice from the seller like skills required to run this business, how to grow this business etc.

As a seller, you can create a public or private listing. The communication between buyer and seller is anonymous and they are partnered with to provide a secure transaction.

4. FEInternational:

FEInternational You will find large scale businesses in FEInternational. They have a variety of websites and online businesses to sell. If you are a buyer, you can click on the Buy a Website button to check their marketplace listing. You can see both available and sold businesses in that page. You need any account for that.

The detail page of each project is categorized in two parts: Main benefits and Description. The ‘main benefits’ part shows a list of important points of the business and the ‘description’ part gives a description of the business.

You can also see the yearly revenue, yearly net profit and asking price for a project. These values can be marked private by a seller.

There is no listing fee, but they charges 2.5% of the final sale amount.

5. Microacquire:

Microacquire This website is to buy and sell startups. You will find different types of startups like SaaS, eCommerce, Shopify, Crypto, Microsaas, Mobile apps etc.

You need to register on their website to check the listing of different startups. You can use your Linkedin account or your can use your email address with a password to create a free account. Once your account is created, you can browse projects on their marketplace.

Their marketplace shows different info of each startup like Annual recurring revenue, founded date, total customers, team size, asking price, technology used etc. It also provides different filtering options.

For a free account, you can check only those information available to all public. If you want to get more data for a startup, you can become a premium buyer for $290 per year.

If you are a seller, you can quickly list your project on their platform and they will connect you to a ton of potential buyers. They have a in-app messaging system to handle the conversation between buyers and sellers. If you have a good startup or web product and you are looking for serious buyers, then Microacquire is the place you want to check.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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