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What is pinterest virtual assistant and how to be one

What is Pinterest :

Pinterest is an image discovery engine you can use to find ideas like for painting, crafting, recipes etc. You can follow different topics and get ideas on these topics on your homepage. Images may linked to a website, youtube or any url like to an online store. You can click on that link to check details on it.

Posts or images in Pinterest are called pins. You can like a pin or you can save it for later use in boards. Boards are used to collect and arrange pins. You can invite other peoples to collaborate on a board. You can make one board public or private. You can go to and create one new account for free. Exploring the site will give you more idea on what it is.

What is virtual assistant :

A virtual assistant works offsite, normally from home or from anywhere outside of the client’s office. Virtual assistant jobs are mainly for support related tasks like bookkeeping, web designing, backlink building etc. Depending on the job type and expertise, the payment varies.

Many small agencies run virtual assistant business. They hires, trains peoples and finds client for them. You don’t need to join any agency to start working as a virtual assistant. There are lot of places where you can find out these types of jobs easily. The only thing required is one niche or specific area where you can provide your service.

This post is on pinterest virtual assistant. I will try to explain what this pinterest virtual assistant is and how you can be one pinterest VA.

Why Pinterest is popular among business and blogs :

Ok, let me quickly do one search on pinterest : dog food :

pinterest dog food

Isn’t it easy to search for an item than google ? Let’s search the same thing on google image search :

google dog food

Which one looks better and easy to find what we are looking for ? Ofcourse it is Pinterest. According to Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, this is a site that can help you to get ideas for your real life.

I am using Pinterest for almost 10 years. I have started using it in 2010. I love painting and sketching and this is my first go-to place if I need any inspiration for my next paint.

In its early days, it was like any other social networking sites : you have to follow other users and their pins will appear on your feed slowly in chronological order.

What is Pinterest virtual assistant :

Pinterest virtual assistant is a virtual assistant who helps to grow pinterest account. Growing a pinterest account means adding quality images to a account, increasing followers, increasing traffic etc. For example, if you have one YouTube channel and one pinterest account, you can use pinterest to get more traffics to YouTube. Similarly, you can get traffic to your blog, website etc.

How to start as a pinterest virtual assistant :

Nobody will hire you if you can’t prove yourself. Pinterest virtual assistant is a remote job and it is really hard to get one remote job than a normal day-job. Following are the main five points that you need to keep in mind if you want to start as a Pinterest VA :

  1. You should well-versed in Pinterest. It takes some time if you don’t know anything about it. But, there are a lot of free popular guides available over the internet.
  2. Start one blog to document your learning. You can mention it with your application and believe me, it is one of the best way to showcase your skills.
  3. Learn how to create eye-catching pins. There are a lot of online tools and websites available to create designs for Pinterest. Using these tools, you can create visually appealing pins as per your client’s need.
  4. Learn SEO. Your pins should be optimized for Pinterest as well as for other search engines like Google. You need to learn how to write SEO optimized image descriptions. As a Pinterest VA, you will have to write image descriptions for each image you are pinning.
  5. In Pinterest, relevant images are organized into boards so that it become easy for someone to search for related items. People can follow these boards. New businesses wants to join popular boards because this is the easiest way to get to other peoples who are interested on that particular topic. You can also get invitation to join popular boards if you can build a relationship with the owner.

Conclusion :

Hopefully you got the basic understanding of Pinterest virtual assistant and what it requires to start. The best way to start is by letting the world know that you can do this. Start one blog, write posts related to pinterest and add one ‘hire me’ button on side. Share these posts on social media. If someone visit your blog, he will get to know that you know what you are talking and most probably hire/recommend you. Additionally, you can join freelancing sites, reddit etc. to look for jobs. I will write another post on it soon.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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