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Different ways to make money as a designer in Fiverr

Different ways to make money as a designer in Fiverr:

Starting a freelancing career is tough than a day job. You will have to handle everything starting from finding clients to handling your finance. Freelance platforms like Fiverr make it easy to find new projects. This is a popular platform and most people know that this is a place to get their jobs done.

Graphic designing is one of the most in-demanding skills. If you are a graphic designer, there is a variety of services you can offer on Fiverr.

Starting from small designs to designs for a full fledge software, you can sell your skills in many categories.

In this post, I will list down different categories to offer graphics designing services in Fiverr. I hope that this post will help you to start your freelance journey in Fiverr.

Logo and Brand identity:

Under this category, you can list down services related to designing logos, and other brand identity designs. Following are the services you can offer:

1. Logo Design:

Fiverr logo design This is the most popular service in Fiverr. You can provide different types of logo designs like minimalistic logos, 3D logos, Mascot, signature, hand-drawn, vintage, watercolor, freestyle, lettering, geometric etc.

You are not limited to only these categories. Be creative and add services different than others. Like creating a logo for racing games or creating a logo in 3D etc.

2. Brand style guides:

Under this category, you can brand identity designs. For example, you can sell logo and brand identity designs or brand style animations etc.

3. Business cards and stationary:

Business cards are demanding designs and almost every business needs this. Under this category, you can design business cards and other stationary.


Without graphics and design, game development can’t be done. You can provide following services under this category:

1. Game Art:

You can provide character designs, objects design, background and environment for a game, UI and UX designs etc.

2. Graphics for streamers:

Graphics for streamers

Game streaming is popular. People spends hours watching game streaming. You can sell services to create different assets for the streamers under this category.

3. Twitch store:

Twitch is a popular streaming platform for gamers, musicians etc. You can sell different services for twitch like logo design, sub badges, emotes etc.

Art and illustration:

This category is for different illustrations and artistic graphics.

1. Illustration:

Provide different illustrations like abstract art, flat art, line art, pixel art etc. You can also provide services like illustration for children books, sticker illustrations etc.

2. Pattern designs:

Services for different patterns.

3. Portraits & Caricatures:

Portrait drawing services and caricatures. For example, you can make watercolor portraits, cartoon portraits, charcoal portraits etc.

4. Cartoons and comics:

Cartoon and comics design services. Provide services like comic page designs, short comics, comic characters etc.

5. Tattoo designs:

Under this service, you can create different types of tattoo designs. You can offer realistic tattoo designs, minimalistic tattoo designs or any other types of designs for tattoos.

6. Storyboard designs:

You can sell different digital storyboard arts.

Web and App designs:

Under this category, you can provide different types of design services for web and app development. You can provide full website designs, one page website designs, custom app designs, material app designs, app icon designs etc.

Following are the available services:

1. Website design:

Designs for websites.

2. App design:

Designs for Android and iOS applications.

3. UX design:

UX designs for websites and applications.

4. Landing page design:

Landing page designs for a product or for any other services.

5. Email design:

Designs for emails. These designs are used in email marketing, email newsletter etc.

6. Icon design:

Icons for a website or application.

7. Web banners:

Product listing banner designs.

Social media:

This category is for all designs related to social media accounts. Social media posts, banners, thumbnails etc. falls under this category.

1. Social media designs:

Like posts, banners, thumbnails, headers, covers etc.

2. AR filters and lenses:

Filters and lenses for different social media apps like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Packaging and covers:

This category is for different product packaging and cover designs. You can offer:

1. Packaging and label designs:

Different types of packaging designs, label designs, dieline designs falls under this category.

2. Book designs:

Book cover design, book layout designs etc.

3. Album cover designs:

Album cover design services.

4. Podcast cover art:

Cover arts for podcasts.

5. Car wraps:

Custom vehicle decal designs.

Visual designs:

Under this category, you can provide services like photoshop editing, infographic, vector tracing etc. Followin are its subcategories:

1. Photoshop editing

2. Presentation editing

3. Infographic designs

4. Vector tracing

5. Resume design

Architecture and building designs:

Services related to architectures falls under this.

Fiverr architecture designs

You can provid:

1. Architecture and interior designs:

Like 3D modeling and rendering, 2D drawings and floor plans, planning and designs, virtual staging, diagram and mapping etc.

2. Landscape designs:

Designs for open spaces.

3. Building information modeling:

Services related to BIM technology like BIM family creation, BIM online training and implementation, BIM coordination and clash detection etc.

Fashion and merchandise:

Graphics design services related to fashions.

1. Fashion designs:

Garment designs like fashion illustration, technical drawings, 3D Garment designs, pattern making etc.

2. T-shirts and merchandise:

T-shirts designs.

3. Jewelry Design:

3D modeling and rendering, concept designs for jewelery etc.

Print designs:

This category includes different print designs like flyer designs, poster designs, menu designs, postcard designs etc.

You can offer services as like below:

  • Flyer designs
  • Brochure designs
  • Signage designs
  • Poster designs
  • Catalog designs
  • Menu designs
  • Postcard designs
  • Invitation designs

Product and character designs:

Concepts and designs for different products such as:

1. Industrial and product designs:

Concept development, 2D drawings, product manufacturing, 3D Modeling and rendering etc.

2. Character modeling:

Model characters for 3D printing or for game development.

3. Trade booth designs:

Designs for trade booths.

Other designs:

These categories includes pretty much almost all types of popular designs. But, you can also offer any other services in Fiverr.

Fiverr is not limited to only for some specific categories. They added these categories to help the buyers. It is a big marketplace and thousands of sellers are offering services in different categories. Before you start, you can quickly go through the profiles of other people to understand what type of services they are offering and how to categorize your offers.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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