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Websites to earn free iTunes gift card online

How to earn free iTunes gift card online

Do you use iTunes? If you are a Mac or iOS user, you must definitely try it. There are other music player and music streaming apps for Mac and iOS, but iTunes or the Music app (its new name) is the best. It sync’s well with Mac and iOS, no need to download a separate app, and Apple music integration makes it a perfect app.

iTunes gift card code generators are fake. Nobody knows how to generate the iTunes gift card code. Apple creates it in their server and stores it safely in its database. Once you enter the gift card code, it matches that with its securely stored data and credits your account if it finds what you entered.

There are ways to earn free iTunes gift cards online. Of course, you need to do some work. Nobody will give you a $20 or $100 iTunes gift card for free. There are sites that want you to do small tasks and pay you in iTunes gift card or in PayPal cash.

Are these sites legit? Yes, these are.

You can browse through this list and try these websites. You can also search for other websites. Rule of thumb to browse such websites:  don’t pay, don’t provide your credit card info and keep a different email id.

Websites to earn free iTunes gift cards:

In this section, I am listing down a couple of websites. You need to do some small tasks on these websites to earn coins. These coins can be converted to iTunes gift cards. Typically these websites provide different cashout options including cash payout, iTunes gift cards, amazon gift cards, etc.

They offer varieties of tasks including surveysvideos to watch, apps to download and try, etc. After successful completion of each task, you will earn points or coins. Most tasks are small. Typically under 15 minutes, you can complete most of these tasks and surveys.


Swagbucks is one of the popular survey or get-to-paid (GTP) sites. Maybe you have heard about it before. At the time of writing this article, Swagbucks has paid more thanfive hundred thirty-four million users.

They give coins for doing different small tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, online shopping, playing games, etc. For each task, you will earn SB points . 1000 SW points is equal to 10$. You can exchange these points for various gift cards, ever for Paypal cash.

There are many ways to earn from Swagbucks. Even if you refer someone, you will earn SB points.

Swagbucks can be accessed from a mobile. If you don’t have a laptop, you can use it directly from your mobile phone and earn rewards.


Ibotta app pays for scanning grocery receipts. It also provides cashback on many other purchases like groceries, apparel, online shopping, travel, etc.

At this time of writing this blog post, Ibotta is offering 20$ as a welcome bonus for new signups.

They provide an App and browser extension.  You can download the app on your Android or iOS device or install the extension in your browser.

Till now, Ibotta has paid more than 860 million of cash to its users. Also, they provide offers from more than 1500 retailers.

They also have one *community*where you can interact with other Ibotta users.

You can cash out the money as an iTunes gift card or even you can withdraw it to your Paypal account.

Survey Junkie:

You need to share your opinion to earn in Survey Junkie. This website mostly provides surveys.

Once you create your account on this website, it will ask you to complete your profile with few more details. Based on your profile data, it gives you surveys.

Another way, called SJ Pulse is to share your browsing activity with SJ. They provide one browser extension, which you can download and use in your browser. It collects different data while you keep browsing. It will give you bonus points if you stay active for 1 month.

Survey Junkie can be used in mobile or laptops.

You can get your earning as an iTunes gift card. They also provide a couple of different ways like Amazon gift card, bank transfer, Paypal transfer, etc.


You can use Rakuten browser extension. You will earn cashback if you add coupons through this extension while you purchase. Rakuten is partnered with different stores and they get a commission from these stores if someone buys using their extension. One percent of this commission is given to the user as cashback.

This extension can automatically find the best cashback coupon. Also, it can alert you when a product you are checking is available at a better price.

On checking out, it automatically applies the coupon code. Also, while you are searching for some item, it will show you the cashback rates with the search result so that you can choose the one with the highest cashback.

At this time of writing this article, Rakuten is offering $10 welcome bonus if you spend or shop for $25.


InboxDollars is another website that pays real cash for doing different online activities. Here are the different  activities you need to do to earn free cash:

  • Paid Online Surveys: Brands will take different surveys from you, you need to provide your opinion and they will pay you based on that.
  • Watching Videos: Watch different videos like product features, trailers, etc., and each cash.
  • Playing Games: You can even earn for playing games! InboxDollars is also partnered with GSN games and you can make money if you spend on GSN games.
  • Online Shopping: Earn discounts from top brands, shop, and earn cash on InboxDollars.
  • Reading emails: You will receive emails from InboxDollars with different earning opportunities. You might earn even for reading them.
  • Coupon Cash rewards: Get access to different coupons, use them while shopping and earn cash rewards.

Till now, InboxDollars has paid over $80 million in cash rewards.


You can go with any of these sites mentioned above. It will require you to create one account before you start on any task. I would suggest you to use a different email address. You can create another address on Gmail for free. That will keep your personal mail inbox clean.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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