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How to see the dislike counts of YouTube videos

Use this extension to see dislike view on YouTube:

Youtube removed dislike count from public on Nov 20, 2021. Dislike count is not available for public for any video on YouTube. The dislike button is still there and you can dislike a video, but the total number of dislike won’t be visible.

This decision received mixed reaction from public. The dislike button helped people to quickly identify bad videos. Also, sometime videos gets dislike attacks, i.e. the video might be helpful but a group of people finds it offensive and everyone starts disliking that. This impacts on the video and as well as on the channel.

The dislike count is still visible for the channel owners, i.e. it is shown in the YouTube studio.

Recently, a new extension is released that shows the dislike counts for YouTube videos. This extension is only available as a browser extension and it is not a official extension.

It is not from Google. Ofcourse Google will not release some tool for a service that they removed. But, this is an opensource product, i.e. the source code of the tool is open to everyone. This makes it safe to use.

So, how this tool is collecting all data ? And how to use this tool ? In this post, I will show you how and from where you can install it and how it is showing the data.

How it works:

This tool, returnyoutubedislike, fetches the data using YouTube API. API is a communication way to get data from a service, if that service provides any data. YouTube has an open API, i.e. we can use that API to get different video related data programmatically. It returns like, dislike counts etc.

This tool uses YouTube API to fetch the dislike count for a video. It saves the data in its own database. So, if the video you are watching is already watched by other people with this extension, it has already fetched the data and it will show you from its database. This is to avoid excessive API calls. YouTube API has a daily limit and it ensures that the limit is not crossed, otherwise it will fail to show the dislike count.

The dislike count is not updated very frequently. It is updated currently in 2 to 3 days. But, they are working to improve it.

Supported browsers:

This is an early release, released around a month before. It has issues and you may not get the dislike count always. But, still, this is the only way to see dislike counts.

It supports all chromium browsers and Firefox. So, you can use it for Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave browsers.

It is also available as userscript and available for iOS(Jailbroken).

How to download the extension:

You can install it for your browser. As I mentioned it above, it can be used with Firebox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave browsers.

Step 1: Go to the website:

Go to this website: Return YouTube Dislike. You will see different buttons to select your platform:

YouTube dislike return

Step 2: Install the extension:

Once you click on any of the button in the above screen, you will be redirected to the extension screens. For example, if you are using any chromium browser, it will redirect you to the chrome extension page:

Chrome extension return YouTube dislike

Click on the install button to install the extension. It is showing remove button because it is already added to Chrome.

Check YouTube videos:

Once it is done, you can open any YouTube video to check the dislike counts. It will not show the exact count, but you will get a rough idea.


Overall, this is the only way to check dislike counts of YouTube videos. There is a high chance that YouTube will remove this API functionality pretty soon, and this extension might fail to update the data. But, till then, let’s use this. I will publish another post if it fails or if the development of this extension stops.

In the website, there is a link to donate to the developer. You can donate any amount or you can join his patreon page to support the development.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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