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How to search for someone on Fiverr using their username

How to search for someone on Fiverr:

You might be looking for someone on Fiverr you have worked with previously or you know someone’s username and you want to find that user. Or, maybe you forgot the user name and you want to search for the user with different names.

There are different ways you can find someone on Fiverr. If you know the username, then it will be easier to find that user. If you can’t remember the name, you will have to guess and try.

Fiverr is a huge freelance marketplace and it is hard to find a unique username. This is the reason most people uses numbers, special symbols and any other keywords with their user names. For example, you will find usernames with 1234, _, xpert, expert, seo, writer etc. words. It makes harder to find someone.

Another problem is that you can use any photo as your profile picture. No need to add your own photo. It makes more difficult to find a person if he/she is not using his/her own photo.

In this post, I will show you a couple of ways to find someone on Fiverr. You will learn how to search for someone using the username, how to open the profile directly if you know the username and what to do if you completely forgot the name.

Method 1: If you have ordered something before:

If you have ordered any service before from the freelancer or you have worked with the freelancer before, you can click on the orders tab on the top bar to get all of your previous orders.

  • Go to and click on the Orders button on the top right side of the page.

Fiverr order search

It will show you a list with few of your recent orders. If the user you are finding is in the list, you can click on that order to get to the order detail page. You will see the seller name and you can click on the name to access the profile.

You can also click on the view all orders button, that is at the bottom of the list to move to the manage order page.

Fiverr manage order

This page shows all of your past orders. Orders are categorized in different tabs: Active, Missing details, Awaiting my review, delivered, completed, cancelled and all. You can click on any of these tabs to get the list of all previous and current orders.

You can also search for orders by using the search box on this page.

Method 2: Search for the username on Fiverr:

If the user you are looking for is not in the order history, i.e. if you haven’t purchased anything from the user, you can also search by using the user name.

If you know the exact username, you can check the next method below, but if you don’t know the exact name, you can try your luck by searching using this method.

Go to and write the user name or keyword in the search bar on top left side of the page. Fiverr search user

This will show some suggestions. It shows two categories: services and users. Under services categories, it shows different services suggestions for the text you typed and under users categories, it shows users with that keyword.

If the username is matching with the user you are finding, then it will show you that user. Otherwise, you can click on the Search usernames containing… text to get all users that holds the text you entered.

If you remember the name of the seller, try with that name. Don’t add anything that you are not sure.

For example, if you remember that the user was something alex, try to search for alex. Don’t add any character, digit or any other word with that. It will mismatch the result.

Method 3: If you know the exact user name:

If you know the exact username, then it is easy to get the seller page.

This method works with both buyers and sellers, i.e. you can find any user with this method.

Go to on your browser and add the username after a forward slash at the end of the url.

For example, use if user is the user name that you are looking for.

Fiverr username url

If the user name is wrong, it will redirect you to the home page. Otherwise, it will open the user profile.

This is the actual reason fiverr doesn’t support duplicate username. For each user, it creates an unique url, and we can’t have duplicate urls for two different users.

Method 4 Search for a user on Google/Linkedin:

If you are still unable to find that user, the only and last option is to do a Google search. You can use fiverr with the username to get more accurate result.

For example, if you remember that the user was Alex, you can search for Alex fiverr on Google.

You can also add the location of the user with the search query if you remember the location. For example, if the seller was from Canada, you can search for Alex fiverr canada on Google. Google is smart enough to bring all web pages related to this query.

You will not find the profile of the user on Google because the profiles are not available for search engines. But, if you are lucky, you will find other accounts of the same user like Linkedin account or Instagram account. You can directly contact him on these platforms.

Linkedin is the social network for professionals. There is a good chance that the user you are looking for is in Linkedin. You can create a free account if you don’t have and you can search for that user using their search algorithm. Google searches also shows user accounts of Linkedin. If you add the Linkedin keyword with the search query on Google, it will show the Linkedin profile links of all users that matches you query.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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