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Best websites to get your next freelance writing jobs

Best websites to get your next freelance writing jobs:

Do you love writing? Do you know that you can earn from writing? English is not my mother tongue, and still, I am earning 30$+ for 1000 words from article writing.

If you can write without any Grammatical mistakes, explain the subject in plain English, there is a good chance that you will get one freelance job.

But, where to get one? Who will give a job to a stranger on the internet?

There are many websites where you can find freelance writing jobs. You don’t have to pay anything to join these websites. But they will take a small fee once your task is done and once you will get paid.

Before you go and start applying for jobs, make sure to prepare a good resume and keep a few of your past works ready. If you are an entry-level writer, you can either write a couple of articles on the topic you know, publish it on free blogging sites like medium or you can buy one domain and create one blog and publish it there.

You can use these article links in your resume or portfolio. After you apply for a job, the client will come to your profile, check the links you mentioned in your portfolio, and that will increase the chance of your getting the job.

One job is applied by many freelancers. You will find writers who are willing to write 1000 words for 5$. Check on Fiverr,you will find many.

Getting the first job is the hardest part of any freelance niche. I do article writing and programming works. It took me a couple of months before I got the first job. It was for 5$, a small 5 minute task. But, after a couple of jobs, it becomes easy.

Now, let me show you the websites where you can get freelance writing jobs. Start with one, but you can create accounts on all of these as a few of these need a verification process that makes the onboarding process lengthy.


Upwork is one of the most popular freelance sites. Most business owners first check Upwork for content writers. At this time of writing this article, I am searching content writer on its search bar and it is showing 18902 active jobs.

upwork content writing search

Each month, you will get some free credits in your account. Credit is required to apply for the jobs. You can buy more credits if all expire.

Normally, if you don’t apply for too many jobs, the free credits are enough to start with. Once a job is completed, the client will give one rating on your profile. Once you collect 3-4 good ratings, it becomes easier to get more jobs.

Recently, Upwork has started one more way to earn, it is called Projects. You can list down or create a project with what you can do and your rate for that. People will find you and assign you tasks. Check here to learn what it looks like.


Fiverr is a micro jobs website. Here, you can create your profile and list your writing gig. Other people will search for the gigs and might place an order. You can search for other writers on this platform to check how they charge for writing and what types of writing they do. It will give you an idea and you can create your own profile to look outstanding.

You can even use Fiverr profile link for other clients outside this platform. It will help you to earn more reviews. Also, you will get a secure way to handle the payment.

Overall, Fiverr is easy to start. The first job takes time. I would recommend you to keep a Fiverr account even if you are focusing on any other freelance sites.


Flexjobs is another website to find freelance jobs. This website provides remote jobs and flexible jobs opportunities. You will find different types of jobs on this website.

The advantage of Flexjobs over any other website is that it verifies all jobs and you won’t find any low-paying or scam jobs. It adds badges with the job listing like the employer is a fortune 500, recognized by Forbes, etc.

Flexjobs is good for experienced writers. If you are a beginner, it might be a little bit hard for you to get the first paying job, but if you can build your portfolio, it will be easier for you to find jobs.

You’ll have to subscribe to a pricing model to start using Flexjobs. I am not considering it as cons because in return, you will get scam-free freelance jobs, and one article writing may pay it back. At this time of writing, it takes 6.95$ for one week, best for a newcomer to test the water. Also, subscription membership lowers the competition.


Textbroker is running since 2005. You can apply to jobs called open orders. Based on your quality rating, Textbroker will pay you by words. Clients can also send you projects directly to your inbox. Your profile and your past orders matters here. You can also join teams where you can meet with other freelancers on bigger projects.

Textbroker is good for beginner or experienced writers. You don’t need to pay anything to start. The payment can be requested on weekly basis. Once client payment is processed, you will receive the money.


iWriter is another freelancing website that focuses only on writing jobs. They have different levels for writers : standard, premium, elite and elite plus.

iwriter plans

Each plan has different fixed rates. For example, 8.25$ per 1000 words is for the standard plan and 72$ is for the Elite plus plan.

Once you join, you will start on standard plan, you will be promoted to the next plan if you can earn good ratings.

Your own blog:

Freelance websites are good for starting. If you are a beginner you can use these sites to test the water. But, even if you are using any freelance site, always create one blog of your own and always try to build a client base outside of these sites.

The problem is if you are using a freelance website, your account is at their mercy. They can hold your account, or even deactivate your account.

Never try to pull any customer from a freelance website. Your account might get blocked. I have read many horror stories of Upwork closing accounts for accepting payment outside their platform.

There are many groups you will find in reddit and other social media. These groups can help you to discuss any issue, take advice from experienced people, collaborate with other people on projects etc.


If you are active on LinkedIn, you can try to find direct contacts. You can also search for freelance hashtags to get related posts on freelance jobs and other freelancers etc.

LinkedIn has one Job Board. Keep visiting this job board to find if any freelance jobs are available near you.


It is not easy to find your first freelance writing job. But, if you follow the right approach, it is not hard either. I manage a series of websites and believe me, finding a good writer is the hardest part for small website owners. If your writing is good, you will find someone looking for writers.

I prefer freelance writing over any other freelance tasks because there is a high chance that the client will get back to you for more works. If you are designing something or developing something, most clients won’t come back once the project is done.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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