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Is it really difficult to write even 100 words per day for a blog ?

Is it really difficult to write even 100 words per day for a blog :

I am a new blogger as compared to others, blogging for last 3 years and currently running three blogs including this one. I have started this blog couple of months before but haven’t got any time to write on it. The primary blog is an informational blog, that holds only evergreen contents.Second blog is an affiliate one. Mainly monitized by Amazon affiliate.

This blog I have started mainly for sharing knowledges on different ways to make money online. Now, let’s come back to the main topic. Do you think that writing 100 words per day is difficult? Everything I have listed down on this post are my personal opinion. I have tried a lot of different things and failed on most. Following information might help you or it could be the worst blog post you have ever read :

1. Learn typing :

Do you type looking at your keyboard ? If yes, don’t you find it hard to write and verify each line always ?

I am trying to improve my writing speed since my college days. It takes time and also the initial days are painful but believe me it helped me a lot. Not only in blogging, even if I am searching something on Google, I can search it more quickly, replying to a chat, or even on my dayjob, I can complete quickly that another person who doesn’t know how to type. Even if you can type at least 40 words per minute, it will take only 15 minutes daily to write down 100 words.

Promodoro technique :

Promodoro is one of the best way to complete your writing in time. Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, this technique is used to divide a task into multiple small sub-tasks,with a predefine interval and one small break between each sub-tasks.

The main advantage of promodoro is that your mind will keep pushing to complete the sub-task before the timer ends which in turn increase your productivity. You will try to complete all tasks withing the time without wasting. You can use your phone countdown timer application or go for any other free promodoro application to start practicing this technique.

3. Distracting websites :

Social media websites are main time killer. Keep yourself away from these sites. Use a promodoro timer as I have mentioned above and try to complete the task within time.

Not only social media websites, checking mail, message etc. are also equally addictive. Try to use chrome extensions that blocks these websites or keep the mobile phone away while working.

4. Maintain a journal :

Keep everything noted. Either you are starting a blog or starting freelance, write it down somewhere. You can use any free note taking application or even a diary.

The most difficult part of blogging is to keep it going.Maintaining a journal will help you to avoid giving up on it. Try to write atleast one line every day.

5. Wake up early :

This maynot be applicable to all. Not everyone likes to work on morning. Waking up early and to start the laptop before going for your day job is not as easy as it sounds.Even I was a night owl. Going to bed after 1 am, waking up late, avoiding breakfast was my daily routine.

Changing your sleeping schedule is hard. Change it slowly. For the first week, wake up 15 minutes early, 30 mins for the second week, like that.

Write something in the morning daily, even if it is only 50 words. Keep it practicing for few months and you will be shocked with the result.

6. Don’t think about the money :

It is really hard to keep doing something without getting any output. Ofcourse, most people, (including me) starts a blog with a hope that one day it will pay the bills. But if for months, or for years, it is not capable of even paying its own hosting fee, who wants to keep working on that ?

I have seen many people started and sold or move to a new blog withing 3-4 months of time. Don’t do that. Start a blog only if you have any other income stream. It took me 1.5 years before earning my first dollar. Run after the traffic. If your traffic is dropping, analyse it, use ahref or any tool to check why it is dropping, but don’t lose any hope. Run after the traffic and the money will run after you automatically.

7. Don’t compare with others :

Feeling demotivated by reading other people’s income report is a common problem for most newbie bloggers. If someone is earning hundreds of dollars withing one-two months of blogging, either he/she is lying or extremely lucky. It takes time to get a result. Comparing your own journey with other people will bring only demotivation.

If you are a great writer or good at what you are doing, you can quickly excell on it. But if you are just starting out and don’t know what you are doing ,it may take a little while to move to a good position. If you have started, either blogging or freelance or any other side project, you have moved 80% towards your success. Believe me, start something new is the main hurdle to overcome. Rest 20% you will learn while going.

Written by Kaush who loves to write side income ideas and other productive tips.

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